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Makine Tasarim has been providing design, development and prototyping services to commercial corporations, design industry specialists and entrepreneurial businesses for over a decade. We have designed and developed products for the consumer market, transportation, medical, industrial equipment, architectural & furniture industries. We also provide product branding, packaging services. Our experience and expertise over a wide and varied scope of projects gives us the versatility to successfully navigate any project, start to finish.

Makine Tasarim has the unique capability of being involved directly in manufacturing. Our abilities range from creating tooling for plastic parts, manufacturing low volume product runs, and working as a product development partner for companies locally and overseas.

       Our Services
  Design   Development   Prototyping
· Competitive product review
· Concept sketching
· Corporate Identity
· Family Styling
· Product Styling
· Product Graphics
· Computer 3D Modeling
· Computer rendering/animation
· Visual semantics
· Ergonomic studies
· Focus group study
· Mechanical layout & design
· Detail part and assembly design
· Mock-ups / study models
· Mechanical prototypes
· CAD modeling
· Focus group reviews
· CNC machining/programming
· Manufacture sourcing
· Modeling / prototyping
· Sheet-metal prototyping
· Structural metal fabrication
· Short production welding and assembly
· Mfg. / assembly / packaging scenarios
· Rapid Prototyping System
· Experienced crew
· Mills
· Lathe
· Welding Equipments
· Model Making Shop

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